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what I could to love you
in a world that divides
with cruel false designs
facing forbidden desires
I stood fast
I turned away

my best to stay sane
diversion from the pain
anesthetic for the brain
because idle fingers
thirst for reason
harsh games to play

nothing right
learned too slow
that ambience blinds
with dancing neon lies
as maturity unbinds
another naïve mind

Written by Matthew – 2017
© 2017 This Mortal Flesh



no longer afraid
to live without you
you think I’d fade
but what would you do
such convenient sight
you are always right
pick another fight

knives cut both ways
I’m not the only one
cutting flesh these days
cut me then you run
bleed it out this time
wounds I will not bind
keep them to remind

was there a time
when I was anything
may be that time
is the killing thing
once held out of fear
bought it back with tears
he’s no longer here

Written by Matthew – 2017
© 2017 This Mortal Flesh