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is there more or has the best gone by
fifteen thousand suns and moons passed
like beating wings on dragon flies
all while love grows and fades
innumerable fleeting emotions

my dreams have all died
as warring celestials collide
my soul lanced and drained
yet this living husk remains
what was belief but illusion
what is faith but self delusion

this overinflated sense of being
little more than wisped breath on a breeze
this search for the ever hiding meaning
is there more or is this life’s decree
counting the days until nothingness
never rising from swollen knees

Written by Matthew – 2017
© 2017 This Mortal Flesh
Image can be purchased from RetrogradeAmnesia

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19 thoughts on “Nothingness

  1. I don’t like the darkness, I din’t WANT the darkness, yet there is something mesmerising about this poem.
    I want to tell you No, din’t think that!
    I want to tell you all life is beautiful and full and worth living. Yet… I also know the quiet call of darkness, how it can set upon ourselves and take away all hope.
    Thank you for digging deep enough to write this.

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    • Don’t be alarmed Dawn. This is a reflection of only bits and pieces of me. I was inspired by a mix of emotions and a song I was listening to. Whereas there is a degree of legitimacy to this darkness, I do choose the light. When I look back at the end I just hope that I will have done enough. We are all servants of each other and in part we live on in the lives we touch–whether for better or worse. I try not to think too deeply about this particular subject; because ultimately everything is devoured by time. I hope I haven’t depressed you. ❤

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