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13 reasons—68 seasons
a trillion tears to fall
the weeping mind
writes line by line
bitter words on a freezing wall

stinging ice—one slice twice
to cut it all away
the numbing cancer
a final answer
if darkness lights the day

yet pain is a fetter—tying together
lonely days living dead
drowning in questions
guilting inflections
13 reasons why you fled

Written by Matthew – 2017
© 2017 This Mortal Flesh

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Not my best work, but I had to write something after watching 13 Reasons Why. Suicide is never an answer. That pain goes on and spread though the lives of everyone you have touched. The mind can be such an awful thing. I encourage anyone reading this to seek help from more than one source if you’ve ever had suicidal thoughts or ideations. If you are reading this and you are strong, I encourage you to reach out to others you may see in need. We are our brothers and sisters keepers. Spread love not pain.


13 thoughts on “Thirteen…

  1. This hits close to home. I’ve had ideations more than once, though luckily not at the moment. But I’ve been worried about one of my kids. Well, more than one, that’s what Moms do😉
    But one if them in that particular subject…
    Yes, we need to keep each other…
    Beautiful poem

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  2. Powerful write and you did an excellent job with this poem. My brother committed suicide and suicide does not distinguish in what class you are from nor the color of skin. Yes when someone takes their life it has reaching effects on the people left behind with the big question, “Why” and the guilt feelings, “Only if ” Yes for people who have ideations or have an active plan do reach out to anybody. It seems it was an adult thing to do in the past but children as young as 7 and 8 are committing suicide which is a sad commentary on our society. Hope you are doing well brother.

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