The Cape

Just another bright eyed child,
soaked in immortality
enthralled by flickering lights of gold
dancing on a silver screen

he wanted to be that hero so
someone noble, pure, strong and true
vanquisher of evil deeds, but his dreams
died with passing time as ambitions often do

first he came to realize
he had no super power, and
as he grew more year by year
his immortal hopes went dry and soured

soon he felt so powerless
he just hung his heavy head
those hopes, those dreams, just
fantasies, of a child’s mind mislead

so he buried the cape in his backyard
while solemn tears he cried
and bit by bit gave in to the man
who let the child die

then one day an old man found him
staring blankly into a drink
the old man sat and smiled and said
“may I join you for a think?”

they sat and talked of days gone by
of innocence fled and heroic dreams
the old man listened then chuckled and said
“things aren’t always as they seem…”

“it took damn near all my years to learn—”
“I stewed in pain so stubbornly—”
“that just one ripple can be the change…”
“don’t get old before you begin to see…”

the child awoke, the man bowed down
and dug deep into his marrow
to find the cape for now he knew
he could be that super hero…

Written by Matthew – 2016
© 2016 This Mortal Flesh

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Thanks for reading. This piece was a much needed change of pace post for me. If you took the time to click the links and go back and read my first posts here on WordPress I am very grateful to you. I encourage you to listen to the song as well, because it just fits this piece so perfectly. Love and peace to you my friends. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Gandhi



51 thoughts on “The Cape

  1. Now I can comment on this poem. It definitely makes more sense after reading all the other posts. I must say that they reflect a man with a high standard, a man I give my respect. The song is perfect too. In life, if we hold tight to hope and to that one ideal that we know will keep us goring and make the world a better place. Thank you for sharing such gems. It was a beautiful trip down your gold mine of your heart. May you always keep smiling and inspiring!

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  2. “so he buried the cape in his backyard
    while solemn tears he cried
    and bit by bit gave in to the man
    who let the child die”
    Mate, that is fucking good! 😮 It gave me chills! Optimism, defeat, companionship and finally hope, this one is quite a journey! I’m going to share this on twitter if you don’t mind because this is one of the best things I’ve read in a while.
    Also, love that song! 😄

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  3. First off, agreed on your song choice here – perfect. Secondly, what a great crumb trail to follow back to this one! Now it really comes together. You’re down, but not out yet. There are many good, and valid points you raise in all of this Matt. Never take that cape off, even if it’s dirty, ripped up, so full of holes you can’t fly anymore.

    Keep wearing it. Always.

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  4. I really love this. The imagery of a buried cape, so poignant. wow. Just all of it, well done, my sweet friend! ❤

    “We not only need to have a deep respect for children; but also a deep respect for the child in everyone.”
    ― C. JoyBell C.

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  5. First off, I love the Metallica quote. They have some awesome songs. This is a fantastic poem. I love especially this stanza: “so he buried the cape in his backyard
    while solemn tears he cried
    and bit by bit gave in to the man
    who let the child die” — it is a poignant portrait of growing up and how hard a child’s dreams often die. I love the ending too and how it circles back around to where it started with hope and determination. Some really great lines are spoken by the old man.

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  6. Oh. This is… so deeply moving, And these lines are just so exquisitely written:
    “so he buried the cape in his backyard
    while solemn tears he cried
    and bit by bit gave in to the man
    who let the child die”

    I need not say more.

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  7. This is new to me, Matt. Absolutely brilliant. What a treasure your friend Glen gave you. The other posts … well, agree on a grand scale. Have you spoken to Elizabeth? I exchanged an email or two and haven’t heard from her in a while, must try again… An exceptional melange of a post, love!

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