Pretty Cage

Image result for comfortable cage dark art

I will not be beat down by lack of progress
in defiance I will stand in the face of your sneer
flashing fangs—heals dug in—standing my ground
your pain is just a hallow reminder of the past

change is the fruit on which I feast
its bitter juice sours my face—burns my tongue
only in endurance will I find tolerance, and
in time I will come to know its sweetness

this pain is temporary—this bitterness fleeting
I will thrash and claw, like a cornered animal
for I would rather meet death with a fight
than submit to that pretty cage again

Written by Matthew – 2017
© 2017 This Mortal Flesh



11 thoughts on “Pretty Cage

  1. If not for your tags, I’d never guess this was about diet and exercise! But it’s a perfect metaphor. Love the defiance and resolution. Starting a new routine is never easy, especially when sore muscles cry out for the sofa! Yet once you get past that, you start to get those endorphins going … euphoria! Good luck, Matt (if this is personal, that is…) 😀

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  2. Yes your one tag of fitness revealed your poem. When I first read it I thought it was freedom within our rat raced, mind washing from every angle of life as we know it and somehow you have broken out of the cage. In either case Nicely done bro.

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