how did I drive away

those who happened upon me

as if I am some form of repellent


is it me or is it them

am I something sick

that cannot be self-perceived

is it all in my head

or am I the result of

numerous wrong turns

are they better than me

do I act better than them

was it my spiritual nature

paired with my devilish ways

all I know is I am alone now

I feel those I love

wanting to pull away

wanting to move on

absorbed by their own lives

it doesn’t matter if I am here

or if I am there…

my presence has been estranged…

Written by Matthew – 2016
© 2016 This Mortal Flesh


32 thoughts on “Estranged

  1. Again, I’ve been there, I know what that feels like…do you think maybe we are just over-sensitive sometimes because of our past? I do wonder at times if it’s me, or others, or a mix of both.
    Great write btw, very emotional.

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    • It’s an awful feeling, but we just can’t help to feel it sometimes. I think everyone has that inner voice that asks “what’s wrong with me”, but I also think that it can be a constructive thing because it makes us take a good hard look at ourselves. Thanks for reading Meg, hope all is well with you. 😀

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