Mind’s Cry

how can you just read in silence
as I bleed my life in words?…
just hollow thoughts?…
fodder for a post?…

expressions of my soul
sounds I fear to speak
so I bind them instead
cast out of my head

to the void of a page…

do you read them in silent rage
do you read them and quietly plan
do you just dismiss or comprehend
do you read just to better pretend

I bleed—I weaken—I die
in words before your eyes
if you’d truly listen I’d try
to speak aloud my mind’s cry

Written by Matthew – 2016
© 2016 This Mortal Flesh
Photo: Pinterest



22 thoughts on “Mind’s Cry

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  2. I totally get your point. It’s like those who say how are you and then just say great even when you are saying that you are not doing fine. Personally I don’t comment much as I follow too many blogs but it does not mean I do not appreciate 😉

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  3. “do you read them in silent rage
    do you read them and quietly plan
    do you just dismiss or comprehend
    do you read just to better pretend” ..
    wow! I felt every line, there is this one person in my life I have a really weird relationship with, he’s difficult, passive-aggressive, manipulative…and I know he reads all my posts but he never comments…and rarely mentions them when we speak, and I just know that those 4 lines ALL apply to him.
    I’m not sure of all the layers involved when you wrote this, but for me…it applies perfectly to a certain situation and a certain person and it’s incredibly freaky how accurate your words are!
    Also, beautifully written as well, of course ❤

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  4. I feel your frustration and share the urge to scream with you Matt!
    Not to sound like someone who’s just blowing sugar up your ass, but I really really do love the way you wrote the last stanza. Really well done my friend.

    And now another piece of my mind I want to share with you on this:
    The image you chose instantly reminded me of a piece our friend J. over at thespiritskeeper (I’m almost sure you two know each other) wrote a while back. I’m typing this on my phone right now, but I’m going to look for said piece and provide you with a link to it as soon as I get home.

    I hope you’re well and I wish you a fantastic week.

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