Dissidence (Collaboration with The Crumbs of My Life with art by Tony Single)

why must it always
come down to me?
as if only I must try
as if you are a god
that I must satisfy

you led us here
don’t act like you’re lost
you wanted an untrodden path
not this tremulous foundation
crumbling under the aftermath

did my blood not satiate
did you not feel my strength
as I held you aloft from the pit
while biting demons tore my flesh
no—alas your eyes elsewhere sit

who said I needed satiation?
you were the one who planted the seed
the problem lies in your indignation
when all I needed was for your salvation
to be one where I didn’t lead

how could you truly know
how could you appreciate
what you view as normalcy
we all die for what we love
just the fate of humanity

you held me in too close
until we both were scorched
at what point will you see
this torrid, misshapen misery
any destiny of us is torched

Written by Matthew and Elizabeth (italics) – 2016
© 2016 This Mortal Flesh
Art by  Tony Single


A special thanks to my friend Elizabeth over at The Crumbs of My Life for working this piece out with me at a moments notice and to Tony Single for reading our minds with his brilliant art! Please do check out their pages by clicking their links.


24 thoughts on “Dissidence (Collaboration with The Crumbs of My Life with art by Tony Single)

  1. Thanks for asking me to help ‘solve’ your poetic dilemma! I was truly surprised it pieced together so easily like this. When you sent me Tony’s piece, I also had that ‘meant to be’ feeling. What a perfect fit for your theme, and I’m honored to be here, sharing this space with both of you! 🙂

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