aching greying flesh
shortening breath
this mass of being

only one possible
route to escape
yet I resist

how soon before
your flesh’s final

my soul pleads
“fight” “overcome”
but my mind cannot escape
the whisperer…

I feel so powerless–weak
choked by my own thoughts
indentured by need; and forever
on my knees…

will I ever rise?

Written by Matthew – 2016
© 2016 This Mortal Flesh
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20 thoughts on “Choked

  1. Matt, I can’t wait to see who wins!! Pease let it be soul. The mind is a very shrewed captivator, all it ever wants to do is make you its slave. And the sad truth is, oftentimes it wins 😦 I’m so cheering for the beautiful pure soul 🙂

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  2. This is so good (as is the new avatar my friend). You and I will win our battles. We were born to run and run fast and furious over the things that try to hinder us. Voices be damned, we are more powerful.

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    • This actually reminds me of a very powerful event that took place while I was starting my journey of self discovery. Woke up one night with a need to speak, and physically clear my throat with big hand gestures, kept repeating “I have a right to say what I need to say”. Of course, it wasn’t in English, but.. you get the idea.
      That night, I spit out the first, biggest chunk of the infuriating thing that had kept me quiet all my life, while whispering nasty things in my mind.

      Hope everyone gets their day of recognition.

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