The wasteland I walk
Seeking self
To know
To feel in touch
With my innermost being

Freezing night
Yet the sky host to
Uncountable stars
Shooting over me
Shooting into me

The sense of self
Alone with my self
I become
I question all

I tempt myself
To bow and serve
The desire of my flesh
Or the earnestness
Of my heart

I destroy myself with thought
With words sparking
Memories of old
Wrong turns
Lives damaged

Why have you truly come here
I ask myself
To find peace, I reply
“Peace is a lie…
There is only passion”

Half truths bite in deep
If I stay here any longer
I may never find my way back
I may never be the same

Below a scorpion skitters
I ponder for a moment
Sweet release
End this—never worry again
I’m losing myself

The desert has taken me
The prince in this darkness is winning
But what good is it
If a man gain the whole world
Yet forfeit his soul…


Matthew – 2015
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


21 thoughts on “Desert

  1. This piece is too eerily familiar … “Peace is a lie … there is only passion” and “I destroy myself with thought”. Wow!! If you are this open with your timed challenges, I might have to send some your way!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your most excellent piece, a communion of sorts with the internal debate of God or no God…finding a spiritual cross roads that join one another in spirit…photo also does it poetic justice as well. Well, you have done, far you have run, found truths, you have, young Jedi….

    Liked by 1 person

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