Stannis Baratheon

Duty’s ice cold heart
once redeemed with the eye’s blink
Stannis…how could you?…

Written by Matthew – 2016
© 2016 This Mortal Flesh


12 thoughts on “Stannis Baratheon

  1. Weeeell, I do believe Stannis has been vilified a bit here…don’t get me wrong, what he did was OUTRAGEOUS…BUT, he was told he was “the” saviour, he believed it, remember that he’s really the only one (apart from Jon Snow and the people at the wall) who actually takes the White Walker threat seriously. This always amazes me, none of the other “leaders” seem to think about those crazy dudes. Anyway, Stannis, I believe, sacrificed his daughter to save “the world”, not an easy decision to make and not one I would have taken but he BELIEVED he was the only one who could save humanity, thanks to the bloody red woman!

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