I once wished upon a star
sent a bottled message to a siren
I asked for my prospermind to unbolt
my plea so peppered with dulcet words

this eclectic mindset opened me
to new and endless possibilities;
if only I could retrace my steps—follow back
the crumbs of my life; I’d find my lost valor

with fear I began my walk back to the start
but the star and the siren had heard my plight
they guided me to a place where I found a mighty ax
and my courage and strength were unleashed

as I journey further, I know not what I will find
yet I do so with humble thanks on my lips,
fervor in my fingers, and
love in my heart

Written by Matthew – 2016
© 2016 This Mortal Flesh


A special thanks to Prospermind for this idea. All of you have inspired me in one way or another at some point in my short blogging tenure so I felt it fitting to let you know so as poetically as possible. Love and peace to you all.

43 thoughts on “Tribute

  1. You are a dear man, thank-you for the nod. I know you don’t need ANY of us to carry along in your Journey, but I am surely glad I got to be even a small part of it. You can carry verse with anyone of pure intention, strong thoughts, and worthy goals, such as yourself. I look forward to your brilliance, the continuation of verse, through discovery of this crazy fire ball we live on. Xoxo to you Matt!!

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  2. Oh Matt!! It’s 2am and I’m far too tired to find the words to thank you for the honour you have done me…or indeed to tell you how amazing I think *you* are. I will come back tomorrow to leave a suitable comment…but…I’m touched, and I ❤ you brother! *huge hugs* ❤

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  3. Dearest Matt, I can’t tell you how touched and honoured I am to be included here. You’ve enriched my reading with your words, supported me and inspired me too. I’m so glad to have met you and will be sure to visit. Such beautiful words to end the day with… Take care. K~xo

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  4. Oh my God! I am getting so pissed off with myself! I saw this briefly and I must have been in my zombie state to have not noticed. I am trying to kick myself in my sweet ass.
    Thank you Matt I am so damn touched you found me worthy of a mention in this absolutely creative and stunning piece.
    Lots of love to you ❤ ❤ ❤
    Geez, I'm still shaking my head here for having missed it. Blame it on my sleep deprivation.

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    • Hahaha…it’s all good Nandita. I posted it late. Included you because you’ve inspired me. I put this together for my one year WP anniversary which was last weekend but I’ve been too busy to finalize and post. Hope all is well with you!


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