The Weaning ~ A Duet

Another piece I did with Em, Please drop by her place and smash those like and follow buttons like a boss! Okay…my kids have been watching way too much YouTube in my presence obviously…but still. Please check her out, she is a wonderful poetess.

Poet Girl Em

I was cleaved from
the breast of madness
drunk on her tainted milk
when you weaned me

Suckled too long
curdled and sour
aftertaste bitter
with toxic desire

Heavy in withdraw
your flesh wraps mine
cherry lips purging
her venom waning

Rancid rapture, lust gone bad
voraciously vaporized by you
replacing her forever with
your sweet, nectar-fresh love

~ By This Mortal Flesh & Poet Girl Em


Matt and I put this little bit together shortly before I left for my NY trip, so I didn’t get it posted right away, but here it is now. He starts it out with a powerful image yet again, and sets the tone for what follows. Great to work with him, and look forward to more ahead! I think it’s my turn to start one. πŸ™‚

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