Departed – Duet with Manan Unleashed

When I said goodbye, not so long ago
was that relief that flashed in your eyes
an expelling sigh of reprieve
is my ineptness your gift
saved for a far gone day
to float on new winds
sun for dark skies
my sorrow
will know how
it felt when you
turned your back on me
the sun that I once was
shone down on you brilliantly
you loved having me on your cheeks
until you turned in search of night skies
leaving me bleeding with dusk in my veins

An hourglass double-reverse etheree
Written by Matthew and Manan – 2016
Β© 2016 This Mortal Flesh
Photo at


I’m so happy to have finally read Manan’s works over at Manan Unleashed. She really is something special. A deep thinker who believes in many of the same ideals as I. I’m deeply honored and very grateful that she asked me to add my thoughts to hers in this collaborative piece. Please please, go check out her page.


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