Vagabond Mind

Enshrouded in breath of night
I gaze upward—enamored by complexities
each formation beckoning
each pattern—your profile

Flickering starlight—your cast-a-ways
streaking sky at your command
I’m enthralled by your stature
A mystique far beyond comprehension

These mortal eyes drink of your splendor
this mortal flesh weak at your turn
this fragile heart beats for your glory
this vagabond mind for home yearns…

Matthew – 2015
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


19 thoughts on “Vagabond Mind

  1. This poem would have been complete even with just the last picture, but wow! If this were to be scored via limbo performance quotients, that is to say, looking at the sheer depth of anything to be found in this poem, then you’d probably sweep up the highest points, ’cause that is some deep philosophy right there. Hats off to you! Applause!!

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