Bite ~ A Duet

My most recent collaboration with Poet Girl Em. Please go check her out. She really is a fabulous thinker!

Poet Girl Em

I envy the mosquito
whose bite knows you
far more intimately
than I ever will

your sweet scent, its lure,
and mine, it lands in spots
my denied lips dreamt of
kisses planting polka-dots

my fevered skin itches
for your scratching nails
jealous of those kisses
satiated by pursuing fingers

mouth moistens with images
deeds unspoken in words
longing to be that proboscis
your juices straight sucked

drenched in your essence
my senses overload, blood raging,
firing nerves—I convulse
as you surge through my veins

drunk on you, I’d circle for more
searching for flesh untouched
tender sweaty landing zone


all I get,

a hard slapping hand

~ by This Mortal Flesh & Emily Clapper


My first collaboration with Matt @ This Mortal Flesh!  His first stanza just kicks ass, and sets up a fun piece.  Thanks, Matt! I think it’s just the beginning of more awesome…

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