Alien (w/audio)

such beauty from afar, your
world, so teaming with life
in symbiotic form
I’ve moved among you…

such potential
your species holds
such capacity,
to be something greater

yet you are lost…

parasitically consuming
your own home
devaluing all life
as a whole…

your gluttonous greed
feasts upon your entire species…
even devouring yourselves
in ouroboric fashion…

this is humanity’s failure, thus
an impassable cosmic filter awaits
and your world will be weeded
from among those far greater

your insatiable thirst
for substance
which is meaningless
is human kind’s downfall

for the sake of life itself
you should be destroyed
erased from the universe
but some among you can see

so there is a fleck of hope…

perhaps in a million years
another species will grow
one in mind and understanding
knowing the fruitlessness of division

selfish greed may be cast away
knowing that the only hope
to advance through the filter
is the joining of hands…

the unification of minds
establishment of a unified goal
to better all life
as one species…

Written by Matthew – 2016
© 2016 This Mortal Flesh
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26 thoughts on “Alien (w/audio)

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  2. Hats off, well written!! A message to humanity! I completely agree.

    Oh and speaking of aliens, some say they’re watching us from the moon, overseeing our activities and that we don’t end up blowing up our resourceful planet. Who knows what’s true and what’s not nowadays, but personally I do hope that there is some sort of intergalactic police watching us and maybe even intervene when necessary, at least that way we won’t ever have to experience a nuclear war…! So let’s hope the aliens are kind and help us all to stand together as a unique life form and not fight each other. We’re all part of the same planet, we’re all the same! I don’t know why this is so difficult to understand for many of us.

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    • People are lost in self and greed. I wish it was different, but the older I get the more hopeless I feel. A galactic police would be nice…some would call that God. I just don’t know about any of it. All I can do, all we all can do, is observe and guess.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Never give up hope! You just have to find the right kind of people, however like everything good in life, it isn’t easy.
        Observing, guessing, imagining, wondering and dreaming: all things my mind loves to do very much. 😉

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