Tempest of Passion – A Duet

The axe that cleaved our Souls apart
was it dipped in Angel’s tears?
did Fortune smile down upon us
before the hellhounds were loosed?

But for that burst of light
in the hurricane’s heart, when
we were drenched in the radiance of love
would this tempest dare consume us

We knew the futility in trying to hide
from exposed, familiar fears inside
wounds gaping open, festered
over your mouth, that couldn’t be shut

my sharpened tongue, licked at
your heart like poisoned barbs
your reticence, fueling the ferocity
of words I can never have back

Your spears wound me to no repair
though my insides still bleed true
you are the only deceiver
abandoning the purity of my adoration

though when the cataclysm abates—
when dark clouds succumb to an indigo sky,
and a resolute sun shines forth—your eyes
may chance upon, the truth of my passion

Written by Matthew and Elizabeth (italics) – 2016
© 2016 This Mortal Flesh
Photo at http://www.goodfon.su/download/smerch-uragan-tornado-veter/1280×1024


It was my great pleasure to team up with the lovely Elizabeth over at The Crumbs of My Life for this piece on a once beautiful relationship that was torn asunder. Elizabeth is a fabulous and imaginative author and I’m privileged she allowed a humble poet such as myself to work with her. Please check out her work by clicking her link.


22 thoughts on “Tempest of Passion – A Duet

  1. Thank-you Matt, you made this such an easy, and exciting venture, I do hope we get to play again sometime soon. I’ll leave the castle door open! Xo

    Liked by 1 person

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