Death keeps its silent vigil
encamping all fronts
its taunting grin of fate saps me
fatigues my bones
stirs hopelessness in my heart

yet life strives to live
vying for existence
even on my knees
even on my knees
I am alive

sudden surge of determination
lifts me to my feet
fight or yield
live before I die
do or die—who am I?

love’s creation
forged with purpose
driven by need
sustained by mercy
to complete the circle

I wink at thee death
we shall embrace one day
but I’ll not grieve…
for each day you wait
I will make as boon for all life

Written by Matthew – 2015
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


26 thoughts on “Mortality

  1. “even on my knees
    even on my knees
    I am alive”
    I love the determination running through this…even on our knees and in the throes of despair, we are alive…we feel, we suffer but we go on because ultimately we want to, have to.
    Loved this Matt

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  2. I had to revisit this post as I hadn’t time earlier to comment. Without reading posted comments, I imagine this resonated with many. When I can feel every word that a writer says, when every sentiment evokes a strong emotional reaction, I considered myself privileged to get to read works here. That was the impact of this post, Matthew. Thank you for sharing it.

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