The Ephemeral Veil


her subconscious has called
I hearken to her plight
her denial means nothing
my son of false light


a desire, a wish is all they crave
to taste what is forbidden by your grace
I offer a plate full and now
not in paradise after they die


yet life is a flash, the blink of an eye
each tomorrow a gift—when today has gone by
desire is subjective—perspectives oft change
I’ve given her judgment to discern what she may


this game you play like chess, protect the king at all cost
pawns thrown about one small step at a time, held then lost
we play risk, where the dark is conquered at will
the only choice, is that which is free but to dwell in hell


oh twister of logic, distorter or truths
who has poisoned her well since the days of her youth
planting hypocrites for thorns to choke out her blooms
freedom of choice is my gift and love’s totem her boon


creator of heaven and earth, you say
to toil and toil the ground you laid
you took away their garden of Eden
and left them to live a life in decay



King of Kings and Lord of Lords,
I may be weak at times and I am flawed
yet, for salvation, a set of rules I should obey
stressing the fact that in ME you have no faith

Angel of darkness, you offer me pleasures
but you tread as if I have neither valour nor honour
All of life I am eager to taste – light and tenebrosity
yet I do not wish to do so without some kind of integrity

Lord of Lords, hypocrisy hidden by the mask of pity
Angel of darkness, your falsehood at least I expect
Fraught and high, salt and tide – my life, in its entirety
is mine to decide upon, my mind & heart are not without abilities


Written by Matthew, Ax and Nathalie – 2016
© 2016 This Mortal Flesh

This was the brainchild of the mighty Ax and is representative of a conversation between Lucifer and God in which a soul overheard.

God = Matthew @ This Mortal Flesh

Lucifer = Ax @ Perso~in~Poesia

Soul = Nathalie @ Arwenaragornstar


17 thoughts on “The Ephemeral Veil

  1. Yeah right. All I said was big G talkin to luci (I call him that, we be tight) and chickie girl telling them both to fuckoff. The rest as I can say, is poetic harmony with two beautiful souls and friends.
    Thanks N, Thanks M

    You guys rocked the layout of the post. 🙏❤️

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Fantastic work! I’ve seen this on Nathalie’s blog and I’m completely blown away. Amazing to see the quality of work that you three can come up with when you put your heads together. This is wonderfully dark and captivating, like a distilled ‘Paradise Lost’. Excellent work!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I cannot believe I hadn’t liked this! I disappeared from WordPress just after publishing mine, didn’t I? Not intentionally, otherwise I would have stopped by here first…
    Well anyway, I’m here now, so let me thank you again for this Matt, it was such a great experience to write with you guys ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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