Comes a Time…

Comes a time…
when its do or die
a point in which
you have only
small moments left
to reach out
and seize the life
that is yours
the life you’ve
always deserved
but have been
afraid to take

shake off the rust
strip away the decay
break the chains
go and get what
you are worth
no more should
you listen to the
sirenous call
of those who seek
to keep you enslaved
ensnarling you with
your own flesh

I bid your eyes open
I bid your mind fixated
on a course of freedom
breaking your ethereal bonds
turn off the world
look inward–positively
for all within must be purged
before you can
turn your gaze again outward
before you can pick up
your brothers and sisters
you must fix you…

yes—there comes a time…
and that time is now!

Written by Matthew – 2015
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


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