The present has no thought for the future
the moment can never be stayed
but does time fleeting pine
for the seconds dying in haste as I do?
too fast—or never fast enough for humanity
how can the gravity a cursory moment
propel me forward so impulsively?


Emotions washing out the levee
like a raging deluge brought on by
sudden clarity of thought
at a moment’s notice—
before the second could wither
a decision was made with no forethought
and the procession of words began


an act of love which should free me—
insurgence of words stifled by the pragmatic mind—
feelings now forged by heartfelt words—
only bound me in time’s weighted chains
as cadaverous seconds pile up
pensive ponderings birth expectations
yet the gift was given free for love’s sake


this is why I am consumed
I am not a selfless giver
thus I am doomed to never receive
this does not diminish the sincerity
of feelings spilled from my soul
it just strains away the peace
that I should have received…

Matthew – 2015
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


26 thoughts on “Consumed

  1. Time is ever on our minds, well those of us who are aware of it. It is an odd feeling. Is it going too slow? Too fast? Is there such a thing? Thanks for getting my brain thinking on this. I sense your words.

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  2. Time is an elusive mistress…never enough. I wonder sometimes if she deliberately eludes us, making us want her even more. We want to hold on to her, but she slips from our grasp too soon…and we are old.

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  3. Matt, I really enjoyed this poem. “Consumed” is filled with so many really terrific lines, this one in particular got to me, “but does time fleeting pine” it just stopped me in my tracks, wow! *Laughing* I spent a moment thinking about this, before I was able to move on with the rest of your beautiful poem. Bravo! Please enjoy your Friday evening and have a wonderful weekend!

    Warm wishes,

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  4. How did I ever miss this?! Amazing write as usual, and I get it too. I once wrote that time in your early years is like the small trickle of a spring but that as you get older it turns into a terrifying fucking waterfall – I stand by that 😦
    Actually, I might use this again soon for a short post…so thanks Matt 😉

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