Raptus Obscura – A Duet With Arwenaragornstar

Phoenix by brandrificus

on I sank
saturated in my own caliginosity
treading pools of melancholia
just a long swallow
in this incessant abyss…
groping in blackness
I found a hand
when you pulled me in
my insouciance fell away…
my darkblind eyes
knew not your nature
as you entered me
but there was comfort
in your warmth…

Murky stagnant waters
run the deepest
my wounds soothed
you were my chance to dare
to feel again
you woke dormant
desire, a torrent
of lust
coursing through my veins
inhibitions shed, veneer unveiled
searing spike penetrating
icy stalactite dripping
Atlas and I both shuddered
and the world shook

Written by Matthew & Nathalie – 2016
© 2016 This Mortal Flesh


I’ve had the immense pleasure to once again write with one of my most favorite people here on WordPress – arwenaragornstar!!

You can find our prior duet here –> The Scar

If you’ve never read any of my “evil twin’s” posts please go check her out! Nathalie is a fabulous writer and I’m sure you will not be disappointed!

Nathalie, thank you for taking the time to put pens to pad with me again!



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