Façade – A Duet with Wet Bliss


Art by Stein

What lies beneath the facade
of two-faced ambidexterity
buried within dirt covered flaws
gnawing and clawing to be free

twisting jagged passages
where labryinthed time burrows
within the cavernous self
mirrored corridors distort

Visions project hypocrisy
a breeding ground of self-pity
feeding off night screams
relentlessly torturing thee

oh the pain smiles can hide
yet the savage heart screams its truth
in elevating vile rhythms
while you laugh with derision

Sweet innocence is claimed
as selfish actions now betray
bruising all expectations
scavenging bared surface

wandering eyes lock
and ethereal veils tear
the you pours into me
and all at once we see

A borehole to abate thirst
filthy beauty that deceived
washed in mineral springs
releasing controlled depravity

trembling hands loosen
as his last breath escapes
euphoria fills her void
as shadowed night recedes


A special thanks to the fabulous Wet Bliss for taking a chance and dipping into my darker style of writing. I encourage you all to check out her page by clicking the link in this post.

Written by Matthew & Wet Bliss – 2016
© 2016 This Mortal Flesh


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