steadily we are ushered
over rough terrain
upon smooth waters
bathed by sunny days
countless storms
pictures and scenes
speeding by
memories of love
joy, pain—sorrow
this is life
everything—all things
rolled together
and hurled toward
outstretched arms
life’s shared fate…

take not one second
of life for granted
you can never
have it back
every counted breath
a treasure
every ticking heartbeat
a pounding reminder
that you are alive
LIVE this life
cast aside
all that stifles
love with all your might
regardless of the situation…
in spite of the past…
love may be all that remains
when the physical departs
your essence lives on
within the hearts
you’ve touched


Written by Matthew – 2015
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


13 thoughts on “Revival

  1. So true.
    Especially those words “your essence lives on within the hearts you’ve touched” ring true to me. I know it to be true for the loved ones who departed from this world but still live on inside of me. I can only hope that I get to do the same, touch a few hearts who will think about me with delight when I pass on.

    I also agree with the idea that each moment count, and for the longest time I thought it meant I had to rush to do as much as possible within that time I was given. Until I realised it’s not the number of things you do in your life, rather the quality of those moments, that truly counts.

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  2. Pleased to have discovered your brilliant writing. When one writes like this, it is as though we tear open our flesh and all protections to listen to our inner selves speak freely

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