my eyelids are taped open
reaching hands now bound
all I can do is watch
as you swerve
towards the cliff…

all I can do is jump out
before you mash the accelerator

trapped by barriers
there is no escape
as the death you sought
careens headlong
and your steel cage devours you…

Written by Matthew – 2016
© 2016 This Mortal Flesh



13 thoughts on “Swerve

  1. Really nice Matt. Good to read your work. I’m on a slight hiatus due to writing demands and other stuff. I’ve marked my blog private but some folks have asked for access. Feel free if you find the time or wish to. I’ll still post from time to time. Otherwise, I’ll be around to read my favorite writers works! Take care.

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  2. I love the musical selection and people choosing to die…I see this everyday anymore. Willing to die and taking others down with them or just choosing to take their own lives. Just read an article about a young lady and her sister’s struggle with her ultimate downward spiral into a deep, dark depression and ultimately ending her life. It is featured on The Washington Post. My family are also survivors of our father’s attempted suicide. Believe me, it left it’s mark on us all individually, emotionally. it changes you forever. My father is eighty years old now. My father is my father, we have our struggles but he has come a long way from that day. So, have we all for that matter but there is still so much that we need to do. People might share their opinions but are they sharing what really and truly needs to be said when they are crying out for help? This entire topic makes me think of that Donnie Iris song, “I can’t hear you…”
    Because I think that’s true, we aren’t really listening or tuned into one another anymore. Great poetic slice of humanity and the title is what brought me here. Good and edgy.

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    • Its a deep subject for sure and this one was inspired by people close to me. People lost in varying degrees of abuse that seem to just be out of reach no matter how people try to help them. I will have to look up that Donnie Iris song. Thank you so much for reading and sharing with me!


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