Prey – A Duet with Ink and Quill


Moonbeam wisps ignite—
I am, 

tangled in loves silky spin,

dizzy with delight
inebriated by her visage,

I am,

threaded in loves web,

soaring to forbidden heights
too daft to see,

I am,

matted in a net of woven string,

tighter still her knots they twist,
I am,

thrashing in vanities mirrored burlesque.

enthralled—I am prey
motionless as she consumes

in a venomous cocoon,

I am,
hungry for you.

Written by Matthew and Jennifer
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


A special thanks to Jennifer over at Ink and Quill for taking a chance and writing with me. I found this piece an interesting challenge as our styles are rather different. Jen is much more eloquent and I am rather gruff and dark. What we did here is the best of both worlds so to speak. East meets west if you will! Please take the time to check out Ink and Quill if you have not already. Jennifer’s writing is beautiful.


29 thoughts on “Prey – A Duet with Ink and Quill

  1. Gosh, I wasn’t expecting that from you but blimey, that’s really fantastic. Such a sensual play with those words. I loved it……… a lot. Great collaboration.

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