A Sanguine Supplication – A Collaboration with Aroil In Pain

As our world here, once again
quakes in apoplectic fits,
I can’t but worry, wonder when
me or mine will take a hit

yet fear can hold no place in me
as anger stews and flays
this red drop’s bliss can free my mind
if only for today

Would that we could gather ’round
some table with a Beaujolais
and drink and talk until we’ve found
some common ground, a better way

Trade swords for words, guffaw for tears
less a dream than sunny night
still my heart hopes and yearns for more
than sullen readings of last rites

We owe it to ourselves, at least,
to take the risk, to risk the pain,
to dream together, for lasting peace.
We’ve naught to lose, and much to gain.

Written by Matthew and Andy
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


I had the extreme pleasure of working with an individual I had not previously known from WordPress; Andy over at Aroil In Pain! I was pleasantly surprised by his poetic skills as a whole and am very pleased at the free form poetry we put together here. This piece conveys a very strong message in my opinion. More talking and laughter and less violence and death. I encourage you to check out Andy’s page, as he is an extremely talented fellow.

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