Dry – A Duet with Pixieannie

What comes of sadness
when no more tears dare to fall
and eyes cry but dust?

Sadness hides in fear.
Tears wept, long since turned to stone.
Fear is your best friend.


Written by Matthew & Pixieannie
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh



I would like to thank the lovely Annie for taking a chance and writing her very first collaborations with me. We decided to write Mondos and that we would each post a different one. Annie is a talented lady and it was a pleasure working with her. Please take the time to check out Annie’s page at Endless Possibilities. She posts on numerous topics ranging from poetry to health and fitness and cooking.


8 thoughts on “Dry – A Duet with Pixieannie

  1. Matt, I’m speechless.
    That was a first for me and my afternoon was like taking tea at The Ritz with a mouth-watering side dish of the unknown. I loved working with you on my very first collaboration and feel honoured that you accepted me on this wonderful journey. It was an honour and a privilege to work with you and I very much look forward to our next venture. Pixieannie.

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