We breathe the same air
while walking down common roads
warmed by the same sun

Written by Matthew – 2015
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


13 thoughts on “Coexist

  1. Hi Matthew, this was a really groovy post, we need this wonderful idea kept before as much as possible, then we can sort out all the problems of the world, and thanks for Blogging Bob Marley, great song, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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  2. I wondered time and time again what that word was meant to say when I see it stuck to a window or bumper. So fitting for these days in our country. Never understanding why humans are force to stand up for one cause or lifestyle over some one persons beliefs. I hate to be so cliché but, can we all just get along.

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      • It is so ridiculous anymore that so many people take offence to the lifestyle we believe in or live by. We too have opinions just like you do. Does your opinion mean more when you do not agree? NO! That is why it is an opinion. Does it bother me that you may not approve of my lifestyle in your own life? NO! Because my life is not yours and visa versa. We raise our children to believe in themselves, believe in something you are passionate about. The world now says that we can only believe in someone or something as long as it doesn’t offend someone else. Give me a break. Makes me want to move to a deserted island and start my own little world. Free of judgment. Free of hatred. Free of a government telling you how you are supposed to feel. I try to live my life by one simple idea. Live my life the way I feel comfortable and try to do to others as I would want in return. Just doesn’t always seem to be that Simple anymore.

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      • I feel the same. I try to stay out of the media and headlines. I try to simply be the change I want to see in the world and in my point of view all people are entitled to make their own lifestyle choices. I’m not their judge. I would help anyone in need without discretion.

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