Stirred by impulse
lascivious desire
the rousing of flesh
fractures the aether
a gateway
to realms beyond
the unwitting invitation
to besiegers of man
all manner
of things unclean
but he is nescient…

She comes at night
upon a paralytic sleep
beauty in all its guise…
how icy is her womb…
like tearing daggers
shredding his vitality
Her mouth draws his breath
as she looms above
trails of vapor exude
as he fights to speak
but he is silent…

Terror sinks
into his bones
she is not alone…
a penetration
of searing hate
while frigid lips
slash his face…
They devour
inner flesh
steal his seed
to bestow
unholy life
to evil unseen
but he is helpless…

His eyes snap open
he flies from his bed
drenched in cold sweat
imagery still
in his head…
the darkened room
from the window
breaking day
just a dream…
a nightmare…
his rapid breath
but is he naive?…

Written by Matthew – 2015
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh



a sinking pit in my stomach
clenching of my teeth
anger in my heart
over the achievement of another

an unfair emotion
of which
the anger is directed
in the wrong direction

I can do anything
I set as task
laziness has stifled me
progress hindered by complacence

I know now why
envy is such a deadly sin
the weak minded and ill-reckoners
would be devoured

given over to lustful anger
violence and malice
never perceiving that
the fault lies within

force this emotion away
banish it from your mind
fret not over the success of others
hard work favors all…

Matthew – 2015
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh