Wide Roads & Narrow Paths

This calls for a mind with wisdom…

Well disguised destruction
lays thick in the air of everything
all we breathe—consume
all we perceive
lies laced in satin

spoon fed and begging for more
honey in our mouths
bitterness in our bellies
the illusion draws us in
time after time

our minds know
we are aware of the enshrouding calamity
but their shifting poisons
fill our thoughts with self-deflating words
of powerlessness

though their method of distribution changes
the poison remains the same
what we fail to realize
is that after numerous small doses
immunities are developed

we have so much power
but we deny our strength
we remain willfully blinded
and on the wide road
the highway of destruction

there are many exits to this road
many narrow paths veering away
but this poison has reshaped our thinking
we now convince ourselves
there is safety in numbers—on the wide road

but we are cattle being herded to the slaughterhouse
numb and woefully deceived
they seek to rob us of our meat
our hides are no more than garments
to clothe them richly—as they feast

up ahead there is an exit
I beseech you to take it
neither the road nor the path
will allow us to escape death
but it will defy the wolves…

on the narrow path—you will find truth
the veil will finally be lifted
you will be deceived no more
I will meet you there with a brotherly hand extended
together we will face the night with veracity!

Matthew – 2015
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


23 thoughts on “Wide Roads & Narrow Paths

  1. YES!! Oh how I agree! And it’s beautifully said…”lies laced in satin”…”spoon fed and begging for more
    honey in our mouths
    bitterness in our bellies
    the illusion draws us in
    time after time”…I’m going to stop quoting because I’d have to quote the entire thing but…man is this good and man is it TRUE!
    Love it! ❤

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      • Listen, I’m French, we question EVERYTHING! Lol
        We are the people who regurlarly spend 5 hours around a table covered with wine and cheese philosophising, and denouncing all the lies and deceits of this world 😉 haha

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      • Someone said on a post I read a while back, “Those French really know how to take care of that 1% problem” referencing the French Revolution. We may need to revisit that one day, sticking to only beheading the elite and their minions of course. 🙂

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      • We are on the same page Dara, I remember for the last royal wedding here in England, I arrived at work one day (I still had a regular job back then) and everyone was talking about it…excited and really animated…I was watching them, bemused, and then someone turned to me and said, “are you going to watch it on TV?”…Obviously by this point all eyes are upon me waiting for my answer and I said: “No, I’m not going to watch it on TV, what for? Why are you guys interested in this? I really don’t get it…I’m French and we cut the royal heads off, this is what we did which is really the *only* thing to do when it comes to inbred lines being born into privilege for no good reason, so forgive me if I change the channel should I accidentally stumble upon the wedding on the day.” Well, silence at first and then…”are you serious? Oh my God!” etc…they looked at me as if I was a terrorist in waiting…I don’t know why they were so shocked, it’s not as if they didn’t know me already, lol
        I think the French Revolution is close to most French people’s hearts because we really do believe in meritocracy and we despise that “blue blood” rubbish…unfortunately the revolution was followed by the Terror…and this is my problem with revolutionaries…they tend to go mad with power and reinstate the very thing they fought against and destroyed…hence why I’m such a fan of Animal Farm…Orwell knew what he was talking about…unfortunately the oppressed become the oppressors all too soon and all too often if given half a chance

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      • Awesome, I love your response about the royal wedding. I don’t get it either, but I thought it was because I’m American and don’t understand the whole process with it. It’s like the Pope, I don’t get that fascination either. I have read many of the great writers during the French Revolution period; I’m fascinated with their works, probably because of the freedom message, which still resonates with me to the present. They really set the world ablaze, I do wish though the Revolution hadn’t gotten out of hand but there always seems to be a small few who run amuck with these things. Yes, Orwell, a genius that understood society all too well. I am fascinated too about your statement, “I still had a regular job back then.” I too do not have a “regular” job. I work but freelance my services to clients in need of pet sitting. People love their pets! I have two cats, so of course I do too 🙂 I left corporate America a few years ago and have never looked back. It’s terrible! So much less stress in my life now and I set my own hours for the most part. Okay, I’ll stop rambling now.


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