The Dream is Over….

I’ve never felt this hopeless
this lost in familiar surroundings
everything is pointless
what’s the purpose
when one can never break the cycle

I cannot break the cycle
the systematic destruction
the routine failure
I cannot see a solution
all efforts are for naught

what I want means nothing
what I need is relative
I am what I am
I live how I live
and the cycle continues

I’ve fought and striven for 25 years
for spirituality, for love, for freedom
for betterment of self
for betterment of others
yet the turning of this wheel is too much

what it takes is consistency—resolve
I do not possess these traits
I am a born quitter—a whiner
when I tire I withdraw
and I’ve found no way to change this

I am 100% nothing
desperately trying to be something
knowing I’ll never be anything
I’m tired of lying to myself
tired of speaking things not as though they are

I can find no way back from this mindset
there is no return to innocence
the naïve mind is betrayed
here I acknowledge my fate
here I lay the dream to rest…

the dream is over…

Written by Matthew – 2015
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


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