There is a bitterness
woven within every strand
of my aged soul…

childhood scars?
damaged faith?
an old man’s cynicism?

whatever this hatred is
I want it gone
run it to the horizon—let it go

do my faulty eyes
perceive incorrectly
this world in shambles?

did my broken heart
never heal
but instead decay?

I’m beyond tired
my mind has failed
to find reasons to believe

the cycles of life
have become cumbersome
too taxing to endure

I don’t believe…

in humanity
in love
in god

humanity and love
are too selfish
and a god wouldn’t suffer us

to this insanity…

Written by Matthew – 2015
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


12 thoughts on “Spent

  1. Its tough, but believing is our only hope. We don’t know, we never will until we die, but please let your heart rejoice because we’re all in this together. Be happy on purpose, consciously decide to not let this take over, I myself have been here, but I chose light, its liberating. You should try it. I Love your style.

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  2. Oh man…I hear you, I really do…I’ve gone through this all of my life. It’s not something you can ever shake off for good, all you can do is fight the darkness every time it shows up at your door…until you’ve pushed it back…and appreciate the times when it’s gone while being aware that it’s only been defeated for a while and that it will show up again at some point.
    I know this may not sound like the most positive comment, but I believe in being realistic. I don’t think that “snap out of it” and “it will be alright” are all that helpful for people who face an ongoing battle with “darkness” – better to be aware of things and do your best…isn’t that the only thing anyone can do?

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