Lightbringer- A Collaborative Poem with Unbolt!

If a world is a house
and people are windows
I am the window which is always dark
Too long I was under your curse
I doted too hard on you
I was doped… near a fatal dose
Upon a cold Earth I fell
raptured by the hungry darkness…
as years like days passed
The transparency slowly fled
my glass tempered and stained by rain
scraping my pane like salted tears
I am a black leukoma
on the spotless white face
Inoperable, necrotic cells
I was deplumed to blood by you
I was grilled to ash by you
I was the roasted angel…
but I will know light again
for my descendants are many
on the final stage they’ve placed me…
Rustle of maracas
and cold black candle-ends
are around me. I take a wax knife
Shamans circle—music peaks
West winds blow relentless
My rite of passage awaits
I fight with bright sunshine
to the last drop of day
I kill it like a mad savage beast
The years are purged now
My ethos born anew
beneath stars of endless night
If a world is a house
and people are windows

I am the window licked clean by hatred

Written by Matt & Tia
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh

Photo & Video credits…


I had the extreme pleasure to work with Tia at unbolt on this collaborative piece. If you’ve never read any of Tia’s work please check her out. Tia truly has a style all her own and it was my honor to collaborate with her on this one!

19 thoughts on “Lightbringer- A Collaborative Poem with Unbolt!

  1. YAY! Matt, thank you for this collaboration! It was amazing to work with you! I love how all shattered fragments of this puzzle lined up into one solid piece (I just read it again with accompaniment of Metallica… OMG!)
    Thank you! I hope, it’s not the last duet between you and me! (And now I run to finish my post) 😛

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    • It was so awesome to work with you on this Tia! You stretched my creative sense in a way I would not have gone on my own. For that I am eternally grateful.

      I thought that particular song from Metallica would be a nice finishing touch to the piece! Glad you agree.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you again, Matt…
        Yes, Metallica is an excellent addition here! And yes, that’s why I adore collaborations… we kick each other out of bounds. Such a useful ‘off-side’ 😛

        Liked by 1 person

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