The Scar (A Collaborative Poem with Arwenaragornstar)

My chaste spirit
once as light
as a taraxacum
loosed by
summer’s breath
soaring on
chimerical winds

Not having yet
fumes lingering far
on the horizon
Evil biding its time
with no rhyme
or reason

A hatred
existing solely
to consume—to poison
to corrupt
the unblemished soul
I shuddered
as the trap
closed around me…

fear surged
within me
old and vicious
as the ages
clutching my psyche

sapping my strength
at once
my eyes
snapped open
and I understood
the enigmatic

something primal
instinct—no doubt—told me
unless I confronted this
naked eye swiftly
I’d be absorbed
in the folds
of the entity

I fixed my gaze
and offered up
my treasured
to the beast
shear radiance
as a quasar

I had thought
myself weak
braced myself
for annihilation
utter defeat
yet the beast
clouds of fear

In the seething chaos
I broke free
escaped into the light
the breech between
love and pain
Still—I bare the scar
as a beacon to show
where innocence
once was…

Photo by Cindy Grundsten


This collaborative poem was written with my one of my most favorite people here on WordPress – arwenaragornstar!!

If you’ve never read any of my “evil twin’s” posts please please go check her out! Nathalie is a fabulous writer and I’m humbled and honored that she decided to write with me. I’m from the US and she is from the UK (originally France). I’m truly in awe at how working together through writing and sharing of thoughts transcends nationality and culture. If only more people could put aside petty differences and work as one, this planet could finally achieve peace.

Nathalie, thank you for taking a chance and working through your first collaboration with me! Again, I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to work with such a wonderful writer!

Written by Matthew & Nathalie – 2015
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


26 thoughts on “The Scar (A Collaborative Poem with Arwenaragornstar)

  1. Matt and Nathalie, I enjoyed the result of your collaboration! I love the play between light and dark, good and evil, and the “breech” between love and pain captured in the story telling. The imagery and the flow, beautiful! “The Scar” reads as if it was written by one voice, congratulations! I truly hope there are more collaborations to come from the two of you!

    LOL! “evil twins” I say, “talented twins”! So of course, twin comments!

    Take good care,

    Liked by 2 people

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