Me World

Everybody wants their dues

Me me me

Screw you and you and you

See me feel me love me need me

Like me share me so good I scare me

who are you

It doesn’t matter

Just cater to me

My ego gets fatter

But one day soon I’ll fall down flat

With not a soul left at my back

Written by Matthew
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


6 thoughts on “Me World

  1. This sounds like the ex I left behind in Oklahoma last October… me me me… Nicely written! I love the last line… such truth to those words!

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  3. I love the simplistic style, very effective at conveying the harsh truth about this unfortunate aspect of human nature. I think I’ll try to be a little less selfish from now on, now that I’ve seen myself in that light! Love this.

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