The Empath

I write because I must
there can be no denial of this anymore
I am all things to all people
An empath that feels your pain
and puts it into word
gives it form…

I am cast aside on the home front
a prophet with no honor in his own land
But my words can reach you
teach you–save you
If even at the cost of myself…
I break for you

I lay my soul before you
bleed the dying darkness for you
without a thought for myself
this is the truest love
to bear all
to ease the pains of a stranger
to trade my life for yours
I could give you no greater honor…

These words are true
from the recesses of my spirit
I, like my master before me
would die that you may live

This life of mystique laden Β shadow
and masking smiles
is not for me–it’s not my home
My place is scattered to the
four winds of heaven
tasting all as one
for eternity…sorrow and bereavement…
my destiny…my eternal home
I was not destined for joy

my place is among you
I am an empath–but more…
I eat your agony so you
never have to know the bitter taste
I drink your cup of sorrow
so that you may have peace.

But these are just words…
and this is just a page…
and a page cannot convey…
the depth of its words…


This was anΒ  impromptu 5 minute free written poem–and I was drunk. This is what came out of me.

Matthew – 2015
Β© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


51 thoughts on “The Empath

  1. Love it. I tried to respond to your comment about being INFP. It wouldn’t post but I got it. We Idealists see the world differently (I’m INFJ but we are both Idealists). I really get into this stuff, if you can’t tell, :).

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    • I read through a few of the summaries and feel that I am actually a mix between the two. I found the test somewhat difficult in that I may choose different answers based on mood. I did try to answer it accurately but I’m just unsure if the result is entirely correct.


      • A lot of people say that. It’s just a guide but nothing I’d definitely box myself into, although I feel I fit the INFJ perfectly. Some people find the temperaments easier to relate to. The Kiersey temperament sorter.

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      • I do good to write sober…if I were drunk, I’m sure it’d be complete gibberish. lol
        I’m glad I mentioned a sin-eater to you. Judging by your poetry, I bet you can do something real dark with it. πŸ˜€


  2. Then you are more than able if you managed this while under the influence. I’m impressed. I felt as though you had gone to war, fought and returned home to tell the tale. Bravo, my friend.

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  3. I don’t recall writing much poetry when drunk; however, I had several experiences of being “stoned” or high on marijuana where I literally seemed to watch the pen work by itself in my hand. For example, the poem listed under previous life poetry, called “The Pawnshop” was a scribbling in my journal that I don’t even recall writing; however, I turned it into a poem that I believe had some insight…your impromptu was great…that’s the best time to write. If it feels forced, stop and do something else. Happy Thanksgiving!

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