The last marvel at light–well remembered
before creeping shadow consumed
insidious–yet beautiful
a want for love–companionship
his hope, to no longer face night alone
Lestat’s dark and misunderstood gift bestowed…
with glimpse of innocence he ultimately convinced
he finally had the family he longed for
but it was a love doomed at birth
to mature but never grow
to desire but never know
years of hatred kindled silently
slowly stoking–brighter–hotter
the death of innocence
the birth of insolence
a sickly contagion to infect
crimson fell heavy from his neck
the sullied gift–betrayed
disbelief–rejection so cruel
his wretched cadaver was laid low
his vengeance silently gathered
mending slowly in confines of putrid bog…
only to be handed back to death
Lestat sank in the denouement
knowing he is fated to stalk the night
once more alone

Matthew – 2015
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


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