Mysterio – New Poetic Form (2015)

Invented by Matthew on 5/31/15. This form was inspired by my son, who is a huge fan of WWE as well as the one and only Rey Mysterio. Rey’s finisher was the “619” , hence the form of the poetry.

A “Mysterio” consists of…

  • 3 line stanza – with or without a rhyming scheme
  • 6 syllables in the first line – should be a statement/declaration/profound or mysterious observation.
  • 1 syllable word in the second line
  • 9 syllables in the last line – strong finisher for the statement/declaration/mysterious observation.

I encourage you guys to try this form…it is somewhat challenging (for me at least). If you do so, please apply the tag/category “Mysterio” to your post!

I look forward to reading your “Mysterio’s”



© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


13 thoughts on “Mysterio – New Poetic Form (2015)

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