Der Vater

The life you brought forth
how can you treat it
so cold and callously.
Do you not have love?

Have you not known love?
You’re a product of an era long gone
Keep your derision for yourself.
Pour it not out upon me.

Your words try to destroy
but my skin is thicker now
I’m not that tortured
fragile child I once was

Like a Phoenix I was reborn
life a new breathed into a broken body.
Mortal remains given purpose
knowing love–knowing mercy

Keep your hatred for yourself
You never made me
You never guided me
I had to face death to find life

Try but you cannot reach me now
I am beyond you
I’ve graduated from the boyish flesh
The man has taken his place

And he is nothing like you!

Matthew – 2015
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


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