My Love

Meandering thoughts of pain gone by
your love holds me fast against darkness

Love given despite my cynicism
oceans of patience define
virtually endless is your hope
endless is my love for you…

(for my wife!—I love you!)

P.S. I’m really liking acrostic form! 🙂

Matthew – 2015
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh



The last marvel at light–well remembered
before creeping shadow consumed
insidious–yet beautiful
a want for love–companionship
his hope, to no longer face night alone
Lestat’s dark and misunderstood gift bestowed…
with glimpse of innocence he ultimately convinced
he finally had the family he longed for
but it was a love doomed at birth
to mature but never grow
to desire but never know
years of hatred kindled silently
slowly stoking–brighter–hotter
the death of innocence
the birth of insolence
a sickly contagion to infect
crimson fell heavy from his neck
the sullied gift–betrayed
disbelief–rejection so cruel
his wretched cadaver was laid low
his vengeance silently gathered
mending slowly in confines of putrid bog…
only to be handed back to death
Lestat sank in the denouement
knowing he is fated to stalk the night
once more alone

Matthew – 2015
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


Mine was a life tired at 17
peaks and troughs of that life
had proven too much for me
I fell into wanton rife—
immersion into absolute fantasy

A mask so deeply affixed—
to the light I was willfully lost—
my soul woefully betwixt
I knew, but pondered not, the cost
my eyes on fleshly desires transfixed

‘Twas words of all things that broke the spell
spoken by a friend—or rival?—just as well
“what are you trying to be?—it’s not who you are”
In depth of night—my mirror gazed back from a far
pierced flesh—pagan symbols—how far had I fell?


I strived to find a path back from night
But still growing shadows—quenchless—
with a perpetual thirst held me tight
My shackled soul convulsed—too fervent to repress—
for in the recess shimmered the faintest fleck of light

In receding darkness my aging mind began to see
That the light was love calling to me—even in the black
a sunseed—planted so deep—had clung so fiercely to me
in measuring silence it waited—for the maturing shadow to crack
for a divergence of the veil—to seize its opportunity

‘Twas the light of love that endured—even after my darkest fall
That love with endless patience—bursting through the shadowed wall
But ‘twas love’s light that also broke me—my sins now made clear
Pierced—I sought again darkness—in pretense—out of fear
But the light would not let me flee—so I turned to face its call


Through pain and years I allowed the light to purge me
guilt of the past eventually burned away like chaff
And new eyes could more clearly see
that the light of love remained—if only on my mother’s behalf
and at her request—with forge and fire—He set me free

Mine was a life reforged at 29
peaks and troughs of that life
are long left far behind
A father now with children and wife
Knowing the fullness of love—refined

I will plant the ‘sunseed’ as my mother did before
in the hearts of my children—deeply bored
so that if darkness should one day creep—
—to spite those shadows that soddenly steep—
the veil will fracture—freeing light once more…

Matthew – 2015
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh

Mysterio – New Poetic Form (2015)

Invented by Matthew on 5/31/15. This form was inspired by my son, who is a huge fan of WWE as well as the one and only Rey Mysterio. Rey’s finisher was the “619” , hence the form of the poetry.

A “Mysterio” consists of…

  • 3 line stanza – with or without a rhyming scheme
  • 6 syllables in the first line – should be a statement/declaration/profound or mysterious observation.
  • 1 syllable word in the second line
  • 9 syllables in the last line – strong finisher for the statement/declaration/mysterious observation.

I encourage you guys to try this form…it is somewhat challenging (for me at least). If you do so, please apply the tag/category “Mysterio” to your post!

I look forward to reading your “Mysterio’s”



© 2015 This Mortal Flesh