Open Journal to the World – Entry #1

Does everyone go through these cycles of joy and pain? More specifically, there are days when things are fine…in my head I’m good, even though I may be in a bad situation. Then there are days when it feels like the reality of things just punches me in the face…right in the nose. Fucks me all up and sends my internal functionality into disarray. When it happens, I can’t do any constructive thinking—all is darkness and pointless—I can’t write—all I can do is ponder how pointless it all is.

Then I remember what it is I am fighting for—its not for myself that I toil and suffer—its for my children—my wife…and I fight on. But there are times when it feels like I’m in the boxing ring with the Devil himself—and that crafty prize fighter just won’t let me out of the corner. Then, when I think I have him—when I see the escape—he feigns left and drops me with a right. But I’m like Rocky Balboa…I just keep getting up and walking straight back to his blistering fists. I have no other choice.

Written by Matthew – 2015
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


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