This Time Around (Song) circa 1995

Ain’t it funny sometimes—

you think of all your lines

but nothing can save you—this time around

And it makes me think…

does it make you think?

That you don’t stand a chance—in this world anymore

You’re head is spinnin’ ‘round…

mind stuffed full with doubt

your thoughts are mangled—and you don’t even care

ya just want that feeling back…

ya don’t know where its at

you’re sick and tired—of living life this way…

look at me…

a nothing man—in a nowhere life

but I could still salvage you—if you let me try

but not a chance given—you don’t dare listen

just walk on by—as if you didn’t see

Guess its sad to say…

it turned out this way

but you judged—your future—on your past

your head just spinning now…

your heart is giving out

so sad to say—but there’s nothing coming…


Lyrics written by Matthew
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


2 thoughts on “This Time Around (Song) circa 1995

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