Essence of Life

Could it be true?

Could it be coming back again?

The essence of a long forgotten sentiment…

has it found its way back to me?

After all of these cold years…

all of these stages;

that feeling…

how real it has remained.

A memory so warm and true…

of a life that that long ago dissipated.

She unwittingly pulled me from the brink of death;

from the breast of darkness.

Her radiance blinds me…

so nervous that she may see…

…I wear the mask I swore to remove.

Why do I still hide from the man I am?..

from the man I should be?..

Why do I run?..

why do I hide from myself?..

Above all things “to thine own self be true.”

yet my courage betrays.

The time has finally come…

to destroy the mask;

but what remains of the face hid long ago?

Unchanged…yet—not the same.

Whatever I truly am…

is better than being stuck in between…

…fantasy and reality.

Its been so long since I’ve felt my true self.

Is she what I need?..

to salvage this mangled life?..

to start to find what I am again?

I can only reach back…

to the hand that reaches for me.

Trust once more…

shatter the mask

bury the fear

and let this essence of life fill me again!

Written by Matthew – May 1998 (of my wife…so glad I reached back for your hand)

© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


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