I am Nothing…

I am nobody—so they read but do not see.

My voice is not one of consequence—so they perceive but can’t hear me.

Though I speak of truths—though my intention is honorable—they just see the fool.

Oh how youth does betray—forever cast as a buffoon—never to receive merit.

In one eye and out the other—the sight of my ramblings—why even bother?

Just keep scrolling—quick before you see.

Avert your gaze—divert your thoughts…

Think not about the cretin—see not the words he wrought.

Would be a lie to deny deflation—there can simply be no elation.

The nothing must accept its fate—that “nothing is not better or worse than anything…”

“…nothing is just nothing”—and nothing does not need validation—for it just is.

And when you are nothing “…you have nothing left to lose…”

“…you’re invisible now, you got no secrets to conceal.”

Written by Matthew – 2015

Credit to George R.R. Martin and Bob Dylan for the select quotes on “nothing”.

© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


7 thoughts on “I am Nothing…

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    • Yes, I wrote it out of discouragement and found comfort in it. I did use 2 quotes at the end; one from Arya Stark (George R.R. Martin) and one from Bob Dylan. I’m glad you enjoyed it!


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  3. Hey, hey, hey! This is very good, but the feelings behind it? Not so much! Don’t get discouraged, don’t let anything make you steer from your path. You are a writer: whether you are read or appreciated makes no difference to that fact. Your time may come #Trust

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    • Thanks. I go through a lot of ups and downs *not bipolar* ;-)…This was written on one of those downs and mainly to my FB friends that provided conciliatory “likes” for my FB page. I have since deleted that page…just don’t need the stress of it lol. I write for me and for whoever else wants to read!

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