Crying From the Darkness

Here in the dark corners of life time drifts casual.

All alone in the dark,

the mind drowns in old emotions,

old sensations.

The pain, it remains…

the regret and sorrow,

the salt on the open wound.

After living in this darkness for so long

how can an individual remain the same?

Something inside changes…

you become aware.

Aware of those who would hurt you.

So betrayed by life yet still you must struggle to live.

Where is the sanity?..

someone to take this pain away?

But how could they want someone so lost and hollow.

This lonely, cold, dark world no man should bear.

The hells that lie within the darkness should never be suffered unto.

Shear misery.

Yet I feign happiness for the world.

Wearing this binding mask to blind them.

For they can never know of this pain within.

In these times death just looms stagnantly above…


The drift divides yet it will not consume me.

Too weak to fight I slip away into the recesses,

hidden in endless time.

Yet, there is an undying hope that one day…

I will be found.

Written by Matthew – May 1997 (before I met my wife who saved me!)
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


This is one of my earlier posts that continues to gain views. I get numerous search engine hits for some reason. Figured I would repost. This is an old piece I wrote in the angst of my youth.


30 thoughts on “Crying From the Darkness

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  2. Yes we are! I totally get it. I think as creative minds we are hard on ourselves, every poem I post I cringe…it’s not good enough, then when I hear positive feedback it’s all worthwhile! We need to believe in our abilities and trust in ourselves! You are an incredible writer, own it!

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