Begin to See!

Art by Sebmaestro

What is wrong with the human mind? Can we not fathom that we are like a plague upon this world. We feed gluttonously off of the land and cause deep scars on this earth. No other creation of God has done so much damage. Even when we are presented with the evidence of our misdoings we refuse to change; either out of greed, out of convenience or out of disbelief. We refuse to see the bigger picture…the one that shows us destroying ourselves. It’s easy to blame the big corporations for things like global warming or whatever, but do we not fund them as consumers? Do we not enable them to continue spewing pollution into our world? If the Earth is like a human body, we are an infection. Does the body not defend itself to fight off the infection? The infection is eventually eradicated. Its time we wake up. Wake up and be concerned about the damage we create with our hands. Is it not time to take personal responsibility for our part in this?

We need to start to treat each other in a way that perpetuates kindness. Why do some of us feast while others starve? This makes no sense to me. This is the system that has been created and that we are now unfortunately conformed to. This does not mean we have to be complacent. Greedy corporations have people brainwashed in order to sell their products. They sell us convenience…materialistic garbage that has no real value. Maybe we feel like we do not need to take care of our neighbors. Maybe we’ve consumed well beyond our means and are now slaves to debt. We’ve been convinced that we need to look out for ourselves, our family and there is truth in that…but what about our species? Its hard to take on a new mentality. One that tells us to feed that bum…that bum that should “get a job”. The fact is there are lazy people…sponges and parasites. I still think that ultimately, we are, as a species, responsible for this. Why do we not bring all food and clothes to the store house in order to ensure all are fed and dressed? Why do we hold back and maintain our own portion and provision? Why do we not just help the sick get well instead of taking them for every last dime?…selling treatments instead of cures?…because there is more money in the treatment then the cure? This is how we have failed as a species. We rob each other and quarrel over words and trivial things. We mistreat each other at every turn. We’ve developed this hatred for our own kind. This system has desensitized us to this reality. We simply refuse to see it. We are truly a species divided against itself.

I’m sure there are people that see this…people that feel this way…people that have made changes to improve their world…people helping their neighbor…people doing their part. I’m only beginning to wake up to this. I’m just starting to see that my personal approach has been misguided and in fact, wrong.

At this point I convict myself as a hypocrite, because, I don’t even know how to completely break the cycle. I will, however, start taking steps and making changes in my life that will hopefully begin to strip the gears of this machine…if only my own. I will become more informed about things detrimental to the world. I will speak out about these things. I will be the change I want to see in the world. Who am I to judge who is worth my kindness and who is not? The bum that asks me for money will have food or clothes. I will love my enemy. I will find ways to reduce consumption, reduce waste and reuse or recycle that which remains.

Written by Matthew – 2014

© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


13 thoughts on “Begin to See!

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  3. It’s very clear that we are on the path for self-destruction. Everyone thinks it’s going to happen in their lifetime, but we’ve been a slow decay in our whole time here. Who knows if we can pull off space travel by the time we need it, this seems the only viable survival option in the future. This planet can not forgive our mistakes forever, and there are too many fools in power to make any real change to prevent it’s ultimate destruction. Just the sad truth.

    As for matters closer at hand, the rich, and greedy are still in power, and as long as they are, change will be minimal. Too many like-minded individuals keep it that way. They sell treatments instead of cures because it keep their pockets lines. That is why there has never been a focus on natural cures, they don’t WANT us to get better. They peddle drugs like candy to keep us numb, and dumb.

    I mainly turn my eyes away from the current political debacle, and focus on the only small things I can do. As you say, re-cycle, re-use, offer out kindness as a heart currency. You don’t need it – find someone who does. Things mean so very little, and a smile when you help someone is worth more than a million bucks.

    Great writing Matt, obviously I think this hit a nerve with me. Xoxo my friend.

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