Ripple Effect

It’s so easy to feel down in this day and age. It’s so easy to look at the world and be totally dismayed. I mean how does one not get sucked into the fray of madness as the world spins out of control? You can only duck and dodge for so long before a lucky punch lands. This does not have to knock you from your feet though…and even if it does you will get back up. So the world is a crazy and impersonal place. Why must this bother us on an individual level? Did you make it that way? Are you part of the problem?..or are you just a passer-by that got hit with the stray bullet? We go on day to day…the same places…the same situations…nothing changes. Can we not see we are sleepwalking through life? You blink and you are 40 years old. You blink again and you’re 80…if you even make it that far. This tells us that it is time to wake up. Life is way too short to live everyday asleep or be a cog in the wheel. Wake up! Life goes by too quickly to spend it in the depths of sorrow. Before you know it you are looking back on a life filled with sadness and regret. Live damn it!! Get angry that you’ve been slighting yourself out of joy and fulfillment. You’re life has value and you can do so much to make the world a better place…a place that is not filled with sadness and displeasure.

Many cannot understand that their deeds have a ripple effect on their community. If you treat someone badly the odds are they will remember this and at some point treat someone else badly because of this past experience. The same goes for good. We may not be able to see the change we create in the world but we must strive to be that change nonetheless. What do you want your world to be? I challenge you to do something good for someone at least once every day. It could be as simple as yielding your right of way to another driver on the road. Even such a miniscule deed can cause a ripple. Maybe that person remembers what it was like trying to make that turn or get out of that parking lot and they pay that forward…and the ripple goes on and on and on. The simple fact is that the more good you put into the world the more people the ripple will reach.

I was sitting in my car in a shopping center parking lot the other day with my young son. An old lady was trying to put her groceries into her car which was parked in front of me. A younger lady of another race began to pull into the spot next to her and I could tell the older lady got a little flustered and tried to rush as fast as she could. The younger woman could not completely pull into the cramped space because of the older woman’s cart and car door. The younger lady put her car into park and got out. To my surprise she offered the older lady assistance and helped her stow the groceries. That ripple hit me hard. I felt like I should have got out to help her before the younger lady even pulled in. I was proud of this young stranger and her actions reached me. After the older lady was done she began to walk her cart to the front of a store; however, a young man who had also witnessed this incident got out of his car and offered to take her cart. I felt floored.

This world that is so easy to despise and get lost in still has so much good in it. It is so simple to do good for someone. I posit that the greatest good lies within the simplest acts of kindness and humility. It costs absolutely NOTHING to be a good person and the effect of this is more than you could ever know. So I ask why not? Why not do something good for someone each day? Why not put yourself out there and help someone else? Do this and take note of how you feel after a month. This world is good only if WE make it that way.

Written by Matthew – 2015

© 2015 This Mortal Flesh


15 thoughts on “Ripple Effect

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  3. I had already liked this so cannot like it again, however I will say that I agree with you. It’s not hard to make small efforts here and there in your day and those small efforts can mean a lot to someone else. Even if it only reinforces their faith in human goodness. I believe that I do these things for people although I have no merit because growing up the eldest of 4 in a home with no parental love made me that way: considerate and caring. I had to be the mother and love, worry and care for three younger siblings who got no other love, concern or anything else in our home. Cry me a river, right? But it honestly made me into the person I am now: I hurt too easily still, I’m too sensitive, but I’m also the one all my friends and family turn to in times of trouble (or otherwise), so I wouldn’t change who I am or anything about my experiences.
    Sorry if this is too long, your post made me open up 🙂

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  5. The good is still there. It is what helps me have this small glimmer of Hope when times are dark. Kindness always begets kindness. If I teach my daughters anything in this life, I hope it will be this. ❤

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