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no more time for that which is false
no more need to synchronize with her pulse
society wears enough savage masks
I’ll indulge no more of her self-serving asks

I’ll close the black window now
dim the obfuscating lantern down

no more shiny unobtainable life in my face
I see myself more clearly now—such disgrace
I will say no more to justify my desire
perfect darkness to swallow the fire

no more burning pain in my soul
if only you’d untie me—let me go

Written by Matthew – 2018
© 2018 This Mortal Flesh
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why do we long for
the hopelessly impossible
as if all our wants are
actually obtainable
the unbridled rush of
passion if ever
our skin collide
the freedom that
a million dollars
only can provide
I smell the sweetness
on your neck
within my waking dreams
see the rich lay claim—
their pockets fill—
I endure this silent scream
to strike my chain
to hoist my sail
to travel with the breeze
to taste your essence—
to feel you writhe—
as you drown in ecstasy
just imaginations—
stories never told
while celestials race
through all my skies—
as I wither and grow old

Written by Matthew – 2018
© 2018 This Mortal Flesh
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F. Society

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they’ll never let you leave
their perfectly crafted world
of flickering distractions
mind numbing illusions

yet you wish to cast out this poison
that wretched substance
which would have your mind
steal your spirit—possess your flesh

too long have you
let them blind you
let them bind you
trap you in a bubble

there will be thirst—sadness—
withdrawal…again will you know the depths
try to take solace in the notion that
at least pain is real—that death will come…

Written by Matthew – 2018
© 2018 This Mortal Flesh


it’s all up to me…

the moves
the reaching
to give the love
that you’re seeking

to give you joy
to steal your pain
and god help me
if I should refrain

I must…

toil earnestly
to give without need
it’s your desire
that I must feed

with no expectation
fill you to satiation
to withhold would mean
my own devastation

Written by Matthew – 2018
© 2016 This Mortal Flesh
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Head in Hands

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the stinging cold rejection
that broke and splintered his heart

this once sound mind
turned frantically fanatic

that hopelessly broken man
who could find no comfort

he pursued you feverishly
begging—pleading—never knowing why

so he gave himself over to you
let you break him—reshape him

he drank deep from that bitter draught
that cup of self-deception

finally turned, you smiled at him again
spoke those familiar three words

his face felt the sun again
but those clouds never parted

I stuffed this patchwork heart
back into his chest, and

in time this construct found rhythm
his fears abated but never died

years passed and now I wonder
did he win you back or just wear you down

did all of those symptoms mask
a far more serious condition

I’m so tired of it now
the masquerade—the never ending chase

I’m still lost
I’m still lost

I don’t know if you love me
I don’t know if I love you

I know I’m just stuck here head in hands
and I don’t know what to do…

Written by Matthew – 2018
© 2018 This Mortal Flesh